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About Our Candles

Joyful Home soy candles are lovingly hand poured into clear glass jars to show off their unique two tone display. Our candles have a twist off black metal lid which allows them to be gifted easily. They make the perfect birthday gift, housewarming gift or any other reason you want to spoil someone with this special present as it makes a great addition to everyone’s household.

Soy wax is far superior to the traditional paraffin wax as soy is a renewable source grown in the USA, eco friendly and toxin free.The colour may vary slightly from the photos, as all of our candles are hand poured in small batches to ensure top quality.

Did you know you can tell if a candle is pure soy wax by white "frosting" on your candle? That is a sign of quality soy wax.

Each fragrance is available in 3 different sizes:

Small Candle: 8 oz jar (236 ml), burn time 50+ hours

Large Candle: 16 oz jar (473 ml), burn time 100+ hours

Wooden Wick Crackle Candle in 12 oz jar (355 ml), burn time 75+ hours

Wax Melts: weighs 3.3 oz (6 cubes), melt time 20+ hours

Tea Light Candles: package of 10, total weight 5 oz, burn time 35+ hours 

About Us


Our mission is to create incredible smelling soy wax products that will turn your home into the perfect sanctuary. Our candles are unique in appearance, toxin free and clean burning for hours of enjoyment.


A Canadian family run candle business, we strive to providea more natural candle everyone can enjoy in their home. Building long lastingrelationships with our wholesale partners will help us share our candles withtheir customers.

Company Values

We value the community that supports our growing company. We love to give back to our community in any way we can. We look forward to building a sustainable business that will support members of our community as we grow our team.

Bring a little JOY into your Life

Make your home feel warm and cozy by simply lighting a soy wax candle.

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